lunedì 10 marzo 2014

to be placidly quiet

to be placidly quiet
wear a pair of big sunglasses
put your headphones on
and play a nice, chill music

to be placidly quiet
just think about yourself
what are you going to eat
how are you going to dress
what are you going to say.
the others? they exist only if
they are placidly quiet
and they let you be the same.

to be placidly quiet
you obviously should not be in silence
you would always have to talk,
a constant grumble of the mouth
which should not be meaningful
but just shows you have something to say

to be placidly quiet
always schedule your routine
always know what you are doing
and what you will do in the next couple of hours.

to be placidly quiet
clear your mind

don't scream
don't be mad
don't do foolish things
and never, ever, fall in love with anything.

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